As a pioneer in simulation technology, Thales is a critical partner with organisations around the globe. We provide the most advanced training in the most realistic environments leading the way in both military and civil training applications.

Thales offers a comprehensive range of solutions from individual and crew training, to collective training for full mission preparedness. Thales delivers simulation-based training equipment and services including turnkey training services which include the infrastructure, instructors and logistic support services needed in operation.

Our integrated technologies are fully compatible with  third party networked synthetic training environments and can be connected for large-scale distributed mission operations.


Thales is a critical partner with defence organisations around the globe providing training and simulation products and services across:

  • Military: Thales supports world-class armed forces providing jet fighters, transport and refuelling aircraft, helicopters, armoured vehicles, small arms trainers, Live training, Command Post Training and naval platforms with associated weaponry and systems embedded within their increasingly complex operational environment.
  • Civil: Thales offers a complete range of helicopters creating realistic cues and fully immersive environments to reach operational efficiency and give access to the highest level of certification. Thales civil portfolio for training solutions also spans driving, security, transport and power plants applications.

Why Thales?

  • We deliver role-oriented training and understand operational requirements and the need for better people focussed training results.
  • Our cost-efficient solutions provide high-value training in a budget constrained environment. We work in partnership with our customers to deliver the best training outcomes.
  • With worldwide operations, we stay close to our customers and leverage on our local knowledge to deliver solutions that meet your operational and training needs.
  • We invest in research and development for innovation and future preparation, working with customers, governments, partners and academia.