Healthcare fraud

Fraud has a direct impact on healthcare funding. This Eurosmart white paper provides an in-depth evaluation of healthcare fraud in five separate countries with different healthcare models in place. Based on the findings presented, it sets out recommendations to curb fraud through implementation of microchip card technology.

Healthcare fraud [PDF -1mb]

The Gabon health program

Ambition and solidarity

The Gabon health program - [PDF - 1.8mb]

eHealthcare Algeria

Algeria - a complete eHealthcare solution for the benefit of its Citizens

eHealthcare Algeria - [PDF - 706kb]

Slovene eHealthcare initiative

Opening a new era of secure on-line access for the benefits of all

Slovene eHealthcare initiative - [PDF - 861kb]

Electronic healthcare solutions

Putting the patient at the center of modernization

Download the brochure: Electronic healthcare solutions