Supplier to the world’s best military air framers

Today, we supply the world’s best military air framers with the innovative systems they need for superior aircraft self-protection. We are a proud supplier to: 


Combat systems for all types of defence missions 

For combat aircraft platforms, we provide a complete package of electronics to meet our customers’ need for tactical situation assessment. Our solutions cover the following areas: 

  • Electronic warfare systems
  • Fire-control radars
  • Mission computers
  • Optronics 


As a result, our customers are better equipped to: 

  • Assess incoming threats, 
  • Detect and to identify air and surface targets at short-, mid- and long-range,
  • Engage in reconnaissance,
  • Fuse data from different sensors for a complete picture of the battlefield,
  • Prevent detection by enemy forces through jamming and decoying.