Transparent encryption

Encryption of databases, file systems and even connected objects has become a vital necessity. With Vormetric as part of our cybersecurity solutions, Thales offers a transparent mode of data encryption for servers, applications and the cloud — without slowing anything down. This is a key differentiator of the Thales cybersecurity offering today.

With ever-growing volumes of data, encryption can hamper security implementation. Transparent encryption separates administration tasks from central management of encryption keys and audits, ensuring a minimal impact on database and application performance. And with more than 1,500 customers worldwide, including 17 of the 30 largest corporations in the US and two of the five biggest banks, Thales knows that transparent encryption is something no business can do without.

Vormetric in Thales’s cybersecurity offering

The Vormetric solution meets the growing demand from companies to protect their data from cyberattacks. Companies have traditionally focused on perimeter security to protect their information systems, where data is held on a protected network and so inherently benefits from the security it provides. In today’s threat environment, however, perimeter security is no longer an effective response. It is vulnerable to attack and makes little sense: in the cloud there is no ‘perimeter’ as such.

It is therefore vital to protect the data itself, wherever it is stored — on a company’s own servers, with an outside service provider or in the cloud.
To protect data, it is encrypted, rendering it unreadable and unusable by anyone without the encryption key. Unencrypted data is made available to authorized users and applications only.

This is the functionality offered by the Vormetric software suite, which comprises:

  • A security policy manager: Who has access to what data? Which data is encrypted? And using which keys?
  • Software agents, which implement these security policies: these are located on each server where a company’s data is stored, whether physical servers, virtual servers or in the cloud. Agents ensure efficient encryption and decryption of data as well as control access to it.

The Vormetric software suite protects files, conventional and ‘big data’ databases and private data, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, live data and archived data.

The variety and volume of data captured and generated by companies is growing rapidly (it has increased 100-fold in the last 20 years). Responding to this trend, Vormetric has developed a highly robust software suite, compatible with the demands of cloud computing and big data applications.

As part of the development process, Vormetric has capitalized on all the use cases it has handled since its inception in 2001. Its software suite is proven and has been approved for the protection of regulated data, such as financial information in the payment card industry and medical data.

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